Carol Connors

Carol co-wrote the theme from ROCKY. Her amazing diversity of talent is personified as a successful Singer, Songwriter, Storyteller, Charity Organizer and Cat Lover. She has been nominated for 10 major music awards: Emmy’s, Grammy’s, Golden Globes and two Oscars.

Phil Spector, had written called “To Know Him Is To Love Him” (Gold).

Spector fell in love with Carol’s voice and Carol performed the song as the lead singer of the Teddy Bears…and that song is the reason Elvis Presley became her first love… He too fell in love with her voice and they fell in love with each other. Today the song is #184 of the Top 5,000 Rock & Roll Hits according to Billboard magazine.

Co-writing the theme from ROCKY, “GONNA FLY NOW” with Bill Conti and Ayn Robbins (Platinum Records and ASCAP Award for most performed song), that became a box office giant (Academy Award Nomination, Grammy Nomination & ASCAP Award of Excellence) and plunged Carol into filmdom. This song was incorporated into the music for the subsequent Rocky’s (Gold and Platinum Albums) and is heard on all of the related soundtrack albums.

Carol’s film and TV work has been legendary and includes music and lyrics of such varied films as: THE EARTHLING, LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR, DRESSED TO KILL, THE ONION FIELD, BUTTERFLY (1981 Golden Globe Nomination) ORCA and Walt Disney’s THE RESCUERS (Academy Award Nomination), to name a few.

She’s co-penned the theme for Robin Leach’s LIFE STYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS, “CHAMPAGNE WISHES AND CAVIAR DREAMS” sung by Dionne Warwick and for STAR SEARCH, “YOU CAN BE A STAR”.

Carol has received five Emmy nominations; one of them was for “LOVE WITHOUT STRINGS” (“Bob Hope Presents: Morris the Cat Salutes America’s Pets”). Over the years her special songs have accented many of the major television series.