Valerie Harper

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Tony Awards


  • 2010 Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play – “Looped
Emmy Awards


  • 1978 Outstanding Lead Actress — Comedy Series – 

    Debbie Gibson

    Mini Biography


    For more than 25 years, Debbie Gibson has proven she’s an entertainer of immeasurable talent. From singer, songwriter and musician to actress and dancer, she embodies what it truly means to be an entertainer. A music prodigy, Gibson exploded on the Billboard Pop Charts at the tender age of 16 with the self-penned “Only In My Dreams.” The “Original Pop Princess” quickly became the youngest person ever to write, produce and perform a No. 1 hit song, “Foolish Beat,” a record she still holds today in the Guinness Book of World Records. To date, Gibson has sold…

    Charlene Tilton

    Mini Biography:

    Actress Charlene Tilton was a key player in the rise to fame of the mega-hit TV show of 1980′s, ‘Dallas.’ Dallas became a regular phenomenon – it grew to become wildly popular and made the main characters in the show household names across America and around the world!  

    She has reprised her role as Lucy Ewing in TNT‘s  Dallas revival series, a continuation of the original series where she will be joined by several of her former cast mates as well as a younger generation of Ewings.


    Anthony Michael Hall

    Mini Biography

    Michael Anthony Hall is an American actor, film producer and director who starred in several teen-oriented films of the 1980s. Hall began his career in commercials and on stage as a child, and made his screen debut in 1980. His films with director-screenwriter John Hughes, beginning with the popular 1984 coming-of-age comedy Sixteen Candles, shaped his early career. Hall’s next movies with Hughes were the teen classics The Breakfast Club and Weird Science, both in 1985. His performances as lovable geeks in these three films connected his name and face with the…

    Brenda Dickson

    Brenda Dickson originated the role of Jill Foster Abbott on The Young and the Restless(1973) where she worked for almost 12 years. Ms. Dickson has studied with Lee Strasberg, and then she studied with Milton Katselas. Milton, the famous acting teacher and director was an Academy Award Winner for Butterflies Are Free (1972). Ms. Dickson has worked with Bob Hope, singing and dancing in his 1971 Christmas Show. She traveled with Johnny Grant to entertain the troops and did radio shows that were broadcast in Vietnam. She received a Senate resolution for her work in finding jobs for permanently injured…

    Elisabeth Röhm

    Mini Biography

     Currently Filming:  Everlasting 

    Röhm received her first TV acting role in 1997, as Dorothy ‘Dorf’ Hayes in the American soap opera One Life to Live. She had a starring role in the 1999 BBC Northern Ireland mini-series Eureka Street, then portrayed recurring character Detective Kate Lockley in the first two seasons (1999 to 2001) of the TV series Angel. While appearing in Angel, Röhm also had a regular role in the only season (2000–01) of the Turner Network Television drama series Bull. Röhm portrayed regular character…

    Tony Denison

    Tony Denison is most recently known for his role as Detective Andrew Flynn in The Closer (2005-12) and its spin-off Major Crimes (2012-present). He is well known for his role as mob boss Ray Luca on the NBC crime drama Crime Story (1986-88). Afterwards, he starred and guest-starred in several crime movies and television programs, notably as undercover agent John Henry Raglin in Wiseguy (1987-90), City of Hope (1991), as Joey Buttafuco in The Amy Fisher Story (1993), as John…

    Ernie Hudson

    As a child growing up in Benton Harbor, Michigan, Ernie Hudson wrote short stories, poems and songs, always thinking that his words might one day come to life on stage. After a short stint in the Marine Corps, he moved to Detroit where he became the resident playwright at Concept East, the oldest black theatre in the country. In addition, he enrolled at Wayne State University to further develop his writing and acting skills and found time to establish the Actors’ Emsemble Theatre, where he and other talented young black writers directed and appeared in their own works. After…

    Chris Bruno

    Mini Biography


    Currently filming A Remarkable Life 


    Chris Bruno actor is best known for his role as Sheriff Walt Bannerman on the USA Network television series The Dead Zone.

    Soon after college graduation, Bruno joined the cast of NBC‘s Another World as Dennis Carrington Wheeler and was nominated for a Soap Opera Award for Outstanding Newcomer. After Another World, he was cast as Michael Delaney on ABC‘s All My Children. Bruno spent some time as a stand up comedian in the years following his soap opera stints and landed several guest-starring spots on…

    Max Baer Jr

    Max Baer Jr. is a Perfect draw to any show!  He is Globally known for playing Jethro Bodine on The Beverly Hillbillies.

    Baer’s first acting role was in Goldilocks and the Three Bears at the Blackpool Pavilion in England in 1949. He began acting professionally in 1960 at Warner Bros., where he made appearances on television programs such MaverickSurfside 6Hawaiian EyeCheyenne and 77 Sunset Strip. His career took off two years later, when he joined the cast…

    Sean McNabb

    Mini Biography
    Sean is an actor and accomplished musician who at the age of 10 discovered his destiny. The life-changing moment occurred while watching the rock-opera, “Tommy.” Before this movie, Sean spent his youth studying and acting in the Theatre, but it was Tommy and The Who’s bassist John Entwistle which sparked a fuse and a passion for music. By the time Sean turned 13, he was performing in bars and nightclubs throughout his home state of Indiana.At 21, Sean moved to Los Angeles to hit the fabled Sunset Strip. Within two weeks, he became the bassist for…

    Marina Sirtis

    Mini Biography


    Marina Sirtis was born in London, England to Greek parents who did not want her to become an actress. As soon as Marina completed high school, she applied to the Guild Hall School of Music and Drama secretly. After her graduation, she worked in musical theater, repertory and television. In 1986, she moved to Los Angeles, California. For six months, she auditioned for parts but was unsuccessful. Just before she planned to go back home, she got the part of Counselor Deanna Troi in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (1987). After the series ended, she reprised…

    Mario A.C. Della Casa

    Mario A.C. Della Casa is the CEO of Della Casa Designs, and the Official Creative Artist of both &

    Growing up with an Artistic Family from Italy and having had the benefit of traveling the world at an early age, Della Casa developed a true appreciation for beauty. Regardless if it were landscapes, people, or animals Mario’s journey to his creations had a very interesting beginning.

    Like many artisans before him, Della Casa found inspiration inside of a bottle, but in this case it was Barbara Eden’s from I DREAM OF JEANNIE. Says Mario, “I was intrigued by…

    Lesley Ann Warren

    Mini Biography


    Lesley Ann Warren has been nominated once for an Academy Award and Emmy Awards and five times for Golden Globe, winning one. She is known for her roles in films such as The Happiest Millionaire, Victor Victoria, Clue, Burglar, Cop, Color of Night and Secretary. She has also had roles in popular TV shows such as Mission: Impossible, Desperate Housewives, Will & Grace, and In Plain Sight

    Malcom Jamal Warner

    Mini Biography


    With appearances and roles on many television shows and films, he landed his most successful role as Theo Huxtable, the only son of Heathcliff Huxtable, who was played by Bill Cosby on the NBC sitcom, The Cosby Show from 1984 to 1992. Warner auditioned for the role on the very last day of the nationwide search and was chosen by Cosby himself.

    He also starred in Jeremiah, was the voice of The Producer character on The Magic School Bus and co-starred with comedian Eddie Griffin for four years on the…

    Tiffany Shepis

    Mini Biography

    Voluptuous New York-born beauty Tiffany Shepis has become a princess of scream. In her films she often upstages more seasoned actresses and has some great dance grooves. Can be seen at shows like Chiller and will obviously make the move from indie schlock to mainstream films as time goes on and a good agent looks after her career. She been involved in filmmaking since the ripe old age of 12 and has appeared in numerous videos with people like Lil’ ZaneWu Tang ClanDexter Holland, Run DMC andDestiny’s Child video “Nasty Girl”, but this particular video was…

    Jake Busey

    Mini Biography


    Busey’s motion picture debut was in the 1978 film Straight Time with his father Gary and Dustin Hoffman. His two most notable appearances are as the murderous religious fanatic opposite Jodie Foster in Contact and as smart-mouthed soldier Ace Levy in Starship Troopers. He appeared in H. G. Wells’ War of the Worlds, one of three 2005 film adaptations of the novel by H.G. Wells, alongside C. Thomas Howell. Additionally, he has had major roles in Tomcats opposite Jerry O’Connell and Shannon Elizabeth, in…

    Jennifer Rhodes

    Mini Biography


    A versatile actress, Jennifer Rhodes’ worked in theater, film and television for four decades. She grew up in Rosiclare, Illinois, a small town on the Ohio River.

In television, she is best known for playing Penny Halliwell on The WB hit series “Charmed” (1999-2006). Although not a regular, she is the only actress to have guest-starred in all eight seasons of the series. She also appeared on the Fame, “L.A. Law”, “Designing Women”, “ER”, “Murphy Brown”, “Friends”, “Ally McBeal”, “Gilmore Girls” and many more. Rhodes also appeared in the films “Slumber Party Massacre II” (1987), “Heathers” (1988), “Night of…

    Frankie Dee

    About The Show:

    A Hi-Energy Show! — Unscripted, with Celebritys and Indie Acts WorldWide an Entertainment Show like no other; loosely connected by the Bizarre humor provided by the Cast,Frankie Dee,Henry K & AJ Pero (Twisted Sister).
    Frankie Dee
    Creator, Producer, Editor
    Frankie Dee has interviewed many celebrities on his radio show including: Chubby Checker, LL Cool J,Peter Criss (Kiss), just to name a few. In October 2010, Frankie Dee did an Exclusive Interview with Peter Criss from Kiss. Peter reflected, to Frankie Dee, about his bout with male breast cancer.

    Tony The Tiger Lopez (3-Time World Champion)

    3-Time World Boxing Champion!

    Mini Biography


    Is a former professional boxer from Sacramento, California. He is a 3-Time World Boxing Champion. He is remembered for his victory in the 1988 The Ring Fight of the year by decision over Rocky Lockridge. He fought against Julio César Chávez in 1994 in Monterrey. He lost by TKO. Tony Lopez is now retired from boxing and runs a bail bond agency in Sacramento.

    Dylan Bruno

    Mini Biography

    While working as a model for Calvin Klein, Bruno made his television-acting debut in 1995 on the NBC series High Sierra Search and Rescue. He made his film-acting debut in Naked Ambition in 1997. In 1998, he had small roles in Saving Private Ryan and When Trumpets Fade and also competed in and won a special episode of American Gladiators. He co-starred in The Rage: Carrie 2 in 1999, Where the Heart Is in 2000, Going Greek in 2001. He portrayed an L.A. cop in The One, and a rock…

    Judson Mills

    Mini Biography

    Mills spent two and a half years on the show and laid the foundation for the rest of his career. Upon leaving “As the World Turns” (1956), Mills immediately booked an episode of “Law & Order” (1990), which was the only other TV show being done in NY in 1993. Judson realized fame and fortune lay in sunny California, and one Thursday afternoon, he left everything behind (literally, he left everything in his apartment!) and moved to Hollywood.

    The cocky young actor landed a role in a made-for-TV movie starring Alyssa Milano and Jamie Luner almost immediately, proving that obtaining work would not…

    Robert Davi

    Mini Biography


    Davi made his motion picture debut in Contract On Cherry Street, in which he shared the screen with, Frank Sinatra. Since then he’s continued to work with the biggest names in Hollywood – Marlon Brando, Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Benicio del Toro, James Franco, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bruce Willis, and Roberto Benigni, among others. He’s been in such movies as The Goonies, Die Hard, Showgirls, Son of the Pink Panther, and in the 1989 Bond film Licence to Kill as the villain Franz…

    Eddie Mekka

    Mini Biography


    After performing on Broadway in The Lieutenant, for which he was nominated for a Tony Award, he moved to Los Angeles. He landed the role of Carmine for Laverne & Shirley in 1976, acting on the series until it was canceled in 1983. His recent television credits include 24, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Bold and the Beautiful, and as Detective Murdoch in the Fox television movie Catch Me If You Can. He had a small role in the 1992 film

    Celeste Yarnall

    Mini Biography


    Celeste Yarnall is an amazing woman of many talents who has been very successful in a diverse number of fields. There appears to be nothing she cannot do when she puts her mind to it. Apart from her initial career as model, spokesperson and actress, Celeste has also managed several talented screenwriters, segued into the commercial real estate business, become a championship Tonkinese cat breeder, run her own successful company, hosted a radio show, produced a “How to” video and regularly appears as a speaker/lecturer.

At a time when many people would be thinking of an easier life, Celeste…

    Alana Curry

    Mini Biography


    She has guest-starred in small parts on such TV shows as “Robbery Homicide Division”, “The Bold & the Beautiful”, “Beverly Hills 90210”, and “Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher”. Her film credits include a small role in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003), as well as a string of independent films including Is This Seat Taken (2003) and Changing Fates.

She also currently participates in many charity events as well as appearing at numerous film conventions. She is also a part of The Hollywood Hoopsters, a celebrity basketball team that raises money for different schools.

    Sandra Taylor

    Mini Biography

    Under the name Sandi Korn, she was the March 1991 Penthouse Pet of the Month. Later, as Sandra Taylor, she posed nude for Playboy, appearing on the cover and in a feature pictorial in July 1995, promoting her appearance in the movie Under Siege 2: Dark Territory in which she played a train barmaid opposite Katherine Heigl and Steven Seagal.

    Taylor’s other film roles include appearances in such movies as Keeping Up with the Steins, L.A. Confidential, Batman & Robin, Runaway Bride, Raising Helen, and The Princess…

    Chuck Wagner

    Mini Biography


    His first encounter with acting was in the movie, “Back Draft”, written and produced by Ron Howard and starring Robert Deniro.

His work as an actor progressed for the next six years until he secured a regular role as a Doctor on the television series, “Chicago Hope”. Unfortunately, soon afterward, the show was cancelled. There is speculation that the cancellation may have been due to the changing tax laws in Chicago. Subsequently, filming in the area dried up for many years.

When “Prison Break” burst into television in 2005, Wagner went to work on the series first as an extra, stand-in,…


    Mini Biography



    Very few music artists operate like The Music Doctor. Cornelius MD brings to the stage an intoxicating, romantic and captivating voice that closely resembles “The Maestro” himself Barry White with an injection of Isaac Hayes.

    In 2008, Cornelius MD signed with Domain Records one of the oldest and most prestigious record labels in America. Ironically, Tony Sepe, President of Domain Records was Barry White’s manager and helped write one of Barry’s greatest hits, “My First, My Last, My Everything.”

    In recent years, Cornelius MD has opened for legendary acts such as Dionne Warwick, Ray, Goodman and Brown, and the…

    Ron Lester

    Mini Biography


    His first acting role came when he went to Atlanta, Georgia to appear as an extra in a commercial, which turned into a feature part. He appeared in a music video for the band Little Texas. Lester moved to Los Angeles and began doing stand-up comedy in comedy clubs. His first film role was in the movie Good Burger in 1997, and two years later he had a recurring role on the TV comedy Freaks and Geeks. He also appeared in Not Another Teen Movie, which parodied his role in Varsity…

    Bobby Steele

    Mini Biography


    Steele was the guitarist for Parrotox, Slash and The Whorelords before joining The Misfits in 1978. While with The Misfits, he performed on the Horror Business, Night of the Living Dead and 3 Hits From Hell EPs and his playing can also be heard on the Beware and Halloween EPs as well as the “missing” Misfits album 12 Hits From Hell. After being replaced in October 1980 by Jerry Only‘s younger brother Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein. Steele formed The Undead with Chris Natz and Patrick Blanck. The band released…