What services does CELEBRITY ENTERTAINMENT provide?
We Serve as an entertainment consultant for your event.  After an evaluation of your wants & needs, we work with you to secure celebrity talent.

What are the aspects necessary to obtain a Headline Entertainer Attend My Event?
An allocation for everything listed below is necessary in order to have a headline performer at your event:

  • Artist’s Guarantee (or) Appearance Fee
  • Hotel accommodations and local ground transportation for artist & crew at event location
  • Food Per Diem
  • Onsite production staff
  • Hair & Make up

If I am having a smaller event, is everything listed necessary?
Every event is different.  The staff of CELEBRITY ENTERTAINMENT will work with you to scale everything to fit your event while maintaining the necessary components essential for a superior performance.

What are my responsibilities as the client?
What is the artist responsible for?

The staff of CELEBRITY ENTERTAINMENT works with you and discusses the dynamics of your event. When necessary, we provide a full service solution where we will handle everything for one flat fee.  In other situations, we delegate the responsibilities accordingly.